Amending the last unexpected choice of answer


When I am studying, sometimes I choose ‘Again’ mistakenly, but what I want actually is ‘Good’. After studied / reviewed many cards, I finally found it, but it’s too late to undo (undoing will re-study/review a sequence of reviewed cards, but I have seen the correct answer of the cards, it changed my memory, so it’s hard to choose the same choice of those cards.). It is terrible that the incorrect choice will affect the Ease and Interval of the card.

So could you please add a function to amend the last answer choice of the wrong answered card in Browse page? It would be ok in desktop version, thank you.

Set Due Date and Reset Cards are useful functions, but the former could not amend Ease and the latter would reset study data, so I have to spend extra time to relearn. It may be tricky to realize the suggested function, but it’s ok not to realize it, it’s just a suggestion. Thank you for your precious time and the noble cause.

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Is clicking the wrong button and noticing it too late to undo it such a big deal that it requires a software solution? In most of the cases you will notice it instantly and can undo it.

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Yes, thanks. But sometimes when I suddenly found out, I had already answered a lot of cards, especially when I was a little tired and not very attentive. I will be more careful in the future. Thank you anyway. I will try to notice it instantly and undo it.

When did this wrong choice situation occurs? For example, when I answered several cards, I found that one card was in the “relearning” queue, rather than the “review” queue that I expected that was expected to be reviewed a few days later. This made me realize that the previous choice should be “Good”, but I accidentally clicked it to “Again”. I was used to using Taps instead of buttons to review cards.

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