Alternative method than holding Shift to start Anki without sync & add-ons

Unfortunately, Anki cannot detect if the Shift button is being held while starting on all platforms. In particular, it doesn’t work on Wayland, probably because Wayland handles input events in a much stricter way than X11, or other equivalent X servers: by default, an application can only be notified of keystrokes that happened while the application was focused, probably for a security reason.

Anyways, besides that, on my computer Anki starts too quickly to even leave me a chance to hold Shift, and I can’t hold it before launching it because it is bound on a shortcut, and holding Shift modifies that shortcut.

This is to say: it would be neat if there was at least an other way to start Anki without syncing and without add-ons. For instance, a certain command line argument could inhibit add-on loading, similarly to the --safe-mode of firefox.

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Try --safemode.

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Doesn’t work.

Works for me. :person_shrugging:

2.1.54 (b6a7760c)⁩?

I’ve been using it with various releases and when running from source. No idea why it wouldn’t work for you.

Works for me too. Maybe your distro has broken something?

Good call, I’m an idiot (this is not the first time something similar happens). Anki (as packaged in my distro) is called by a three-depth nested wrapper scripts, one of which ditches the arguments… I’ll open an issue there. Thanks!