[solved] Restart without addons

It would be nice to have an option to restart Anki without addons to find out if bugs are due to addons at all.
Disabling many addons is tedious.

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you can hold shift key down while starting anki to temporarily disable all add-ons.


Thank you for this hint. Please write this in the manual.

it already is in manual:

If you have made a destructive change on one computer and have an undamaged copy on another computer, you may wish to start Anki without syncing in order to use the full sync option without first downloading the changes. Similarly, if you are experiencing problems with Anki, you might want to (or might be instructed to) disable add-ons temporarily to see if one might be causing the problem. You can do both of these things by holding down the Shift key while starting Anki.

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Oh, you are right. I am very sorry.

I personally believe that an option would be a simple and standard way to cope with that. Clearly it’s not in conflict with the current way (holding shift):

  1. it’s clearer for those used to cli
  2. it fosters separation of concern between GUI and application functions
  3. it’s usable from the development setup where you may not have an icon (./run…)
  4. I never start program from icons, just cli…


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