Allow snoozing cards for review later in the day

It would be useful if Anki had a built in feature to snooze cards that worked similarly to burying cards, except snoozing would hide the card for a shorter (and ideally user-settable) duration, say 30 minutes. The use case I envision is that many of my cards require responding to an audio prompt and identifying the sound file being played, which requires either headphones or a relatively quiet location in which the sound can be played aloud, which isn’t always feasible in every locale I review in. However, without the snooze feature, the first time such a card is encountered, the entire session must be halted until the card can be played (unless the card is buried, which delays it for too long).

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There isn’t such a feature, but you can approximate it by manually unburying cards after a delay.

You could also consider splitting your cards according to whether they need quiet to be reviewed or not, and review them accordingly (that is, maybe you could have one (sub)deck for the former cards, one for the latter cards) — or that could be achieved with tagging and filtered studying.

Can we hope for such a feature in the coming days? It will make things more interesting.

Probably not in the near future, sorry.