Allow pinning decks

As suggested by @Expertium:

I suggest the opposite: a pinned deck. Something akin to the image below.

  • Let’s create it, it’s very useful!
  • This is useless!
  • It might be useful if you making the following changes (add comment)
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“This is useless” is worded so harshly that people that are against the feature might avoid voting so that they don’t appear unkind. I’m against the feature and I don’t mind how I appear to random internet people. “Pinning” is kind of already possible by naming a filtered deck so it starts with “_” and using a search to include the decks you want. Way more flexible this way too


Totally agree with you. I’ll try to avoid such expressions in the future. I did try to change it but it is not editable anymore.
I just find that whole “renaming the deck to hide or pin a deck” to be a very weird workaround but hey if everybody likes it then who am I to judge?
If this feature doesn’t get enough votes I’ll just implement it on my fork.
Thank you for the productive reply :slight_smile:

Yes, the strictly alphabetically sorted list can be awkward. But if Anki were to break with that, I think it should simply support reordering decks by drag and drop.

And how would pinning work for subdecks? It doesn’t seem compatible with the tree structure.


We can discuss the alternatives and find out the most popular and ergonomic one.

It’s not just a matter of popularity or ergonomics – there are functionality/usability issues that need to be considered too. Daily limits, gathering, display order, etc. are dependent on the tree relationship between parent decks and subdecks. Whether or not a visual-only move would be an issue for those options (I’ll defer to the devs on that), it would certainly be a challenge for users seeing inconsistent outcomes if they don’t understand the tree structure of their decks.

[And I didn’t vote, because some deck arrangement features might be useful – if they are implemented carefully and correctly.]


Fair enough. Can you give me a sample deck tree for me to create a PoC for?

I do agree. At the end of the day, it’s whether you can finish and give in that deck on that particular. For example, if I have a exam coming up while I’m studying certain things outside of my exam, then I would focus on the exam before anything else

Pinning may seem useful, but if you have a higher priority of that deck, then you must have a plan ahead of the changes you would make in a certain deck: there’s tags (that can be named such as: exam_priority_HIGH), certain deck presets on certain decks, etc

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I will add more here: it’s more broad that “useless” means that it will never be used. It can be said that it must have considerations in such feature.

I mean, hey, this type of feature must be a good thing since I have a “graveyard” deck used for testing certain features for my future cards, and don’t wanna lose it.

Oh, you don’t want mine! :sweat_smile: I think any assortment of decks will do. Probably at least 3 levels deep, and with cards at multiple levels.

What if we…allow reordering instead of pinning? :thinking:

In the previous discussion about pinning/pinned decks, this was suggested


And mentioned in this dicussion as well.


Decks are stored as separate rows in an SQL table. How do you propose the order is represented? How do you propose decks and their children are kept together? How can we correctly and efficiently handle decks that may interleave with the existing order on things like imports and syncing? How can we avoid having to update the positions of lots of decks at once when they are reordered? Lexicographical ordering may not be the most user-friendly, but it lets us avoid a lot of complexity, and performs well.

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I’ll create a PoC on my fork and then try to answer your questions with a real implementation.

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Can’t deck be ordered by numbers and not by letters? My problem is when I try to create a deck with a number like 10) in order to sort my Anki decks, it appears next after 1) and before single digit decks. Like 1) 10) 11) 9).

Edit: 1) 10) 11) 9).




Thank you very much! It did work. But did you know why it didn’t work with parentheses?


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Wow. Now my Anki will be more neat. Thank you, again! But why it made difference? And do I need used 001 if I would theoretically have 999 as my last deck?