All Decks Decreasing at the Same Time

I have a few decks with many subdecks underneath them. Today, one of my main decks wasn’t calculating the totals of the due cards from the subdecks correctly. As I’m doing cards within each subdeck, the numbers from the other decks start decreasing at the same rate, even though I haven’t done those cards yet. So, now my deck says I have 17 due cards left, and I have two subdecks left that each have 17 due cards in them and every time I do a card, all the subdecks and main deck decrease by a card.

I have tried closing anki, restarting systems, mobile app to desktop app and vice versa, uninstall and reinstall, check database. Please help!

Most likely all decks that are decreasing the count is becouse they are sharing the same deck setting group. You can check that at the top side of deck options :gear: