All decks 0 today

I’m using Ankimobile and I noticed I had 0 cards. It is synced to my ankiweb account and all of my decks are empty. I haven’t logged into this account in a couple of days and I know I didn’t delete my decks or cards.

Is there an issue with the server?

Please see Anki's not showing me all my cards! - Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been using Anki for almost a decade. This wasn’t the issue. I have hundreds of cards in my current deck and I see new cards every day that need to be practiced.

All of my cards were missing from my Deck. I couldn’t export anything or view any of my cards (which I can do when I need to update a card). It stated there were 0 cards in all of my decks.

I am pretty sure this was an issue on your servers. I checked all of my decks on Saturday morning, and they are now available…so whatever the issue was, it’s not been fixed.

You say that cards are now available, which implies Anki thought you had already reviewed all the cards due for that day. If the issue comes back again, please check the stats screen to see how many cards it is showing you having done that day.