After using speed focus mode for the first time, my cards seems to have disappeared?

Im still fairly new to anki but I’m not finding any help for my issue

So before I made a deck, I added speed focus mode add on of 5s and when i finished a deck, the cards seems to have disappeared, is that normal?

They’re not appearing in the learn or due section, will they appear tomorrow ? Or is this something to do with card being ‘buried’ and just disappearing ? Thank you!!

This was you, right? Reddit - Dive into anything

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Ya but I was confused at the answer and didn’t wanna seem a bit annoying so I thought I could get a different answer here…

Ha! I just wanted to make sure you got an answer at all! :sweat_smile:

I’m happy to clarify anything in my answer or the Studying section in the manual. What did I not explain well?

So if someone finishes their deck, is it normal for the cards to just become 0 and seem like they’ve disappeared ? Like for example I did a chemistry deck of 20 cards, after finishing them, it just said 0. Is it normal for it to be like that, I was worried if my cards had ended up disappearing or won’t be counted towards getting reviewed again for tomorrow

Is that 20 New cards, that were introduced today?

0 where? Disappeared from where? Do you mean the card counters on the main page?

That’s what I thought you meant in your other post, but if not, tell me where you are looking for your cards that you aren’t finding them.

Like I made 20 new cards for today, and then when I finished them, it went from 20 new to 0 new and 0 due and 0 to learn, that’s what I don’t really understand

Yes, that is 100% totally normal. Those cards aren’t due today, so they won’t show up in your Due (green) count for today. Some/many/most (or maybe even all) of them will be due tomorrow, so in the morning you’ll see that number in green.

The page that I posted in my first response to you on Reddit explains that as well – Studying - Anki Manual. Exactly how many are due tomorrow will be based on settings in Anki and the grades you gave your answers today. You mentioned the add-on that you’re using, but that had nothing to do with it.