Addon that shows the Total cards by deck in main screen


Is there an addon that shows the total sum of cards in each deck in main screen?

It would be a “Total” column, on the right side of “Due”…

“Total” would include the cards scheduled for future days, that are not accounted in “New”, “Learn” or “Due”.


I believe there’s a feature in Enhance main window that would do that.

Note: This add-on was updated last year, but I don’t think the versioning/compatibility info was updated then. There are recent reviews talking about issues with the newest version of Anki. I can tell you that I have used it successfully in 23.12.1 – but I only use it for one thing (preset groups), and only intermittently. YMMV.

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Thank you!
I hope that another addon appears as a solution, something simpler and without these bugs.

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