Adding notes to Anki from the terminal


I am new here, u/SuperNici suggested to share this here.

This is anktui, an idea that I would like to develop further, its a TUI to interact with Anki through AnkiConnect. I use modal text editors, (such as vim and kakoune), and not having them when creating my notes is really uncomfortable, not to mention the “you’re gonna loose everything right now!? yes or no?” dialog whenever you press Escape in the Anki note editor.

I use maths a lot, so I often want to preview my notes before adding them, to check my formulas.

anktui uses libsixel to preview the note inside the terminal, it allows you to edit each field inside your favorite editor and it crahes without warning when you add duplicate notes (its really early days for this project).

You can see it in action here and check out the source code here

I hope some of you find this interesting or even helpful, and if anyone really likes this project and wants to help, don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I’m a full time student and even though I wish this (or any of my projects) were higher in my priorities, they’re not, and take a lot of time.

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Hey its me, welcome to the forum. Ill say it again, this is some really cool software you made. I’ll make sure to follow further development :slight_smile:

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