How Can I Edit These Parts of the Interface


I need help, please. For me, it would make a LOT more sense working with things if I could make these edits. I keep getting confused. PLEASE…is there any way?




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I’m not sure what is actually confusing here. Are you confused about the distinction between notes and cards, or notetypes and card types?

The second dialog’s title should be “Fields for Notetype Basic”, by the way.

I recommend reading this section of the manual: Getting Started - Anki Manual

I don’t think there is a simple way to edit the titles.


Hi @abdo !

Ah! Thanks for your reply.

You’re right, for sure. That should be Notetype. :slight_smile:

Yep. Yep. Read the manual. A LOT! Seems to me there’s a lot of terms that either get equivocated - in terms of Logic, not as the term is often use pejoratively - or that the writing style is a bit hard to follow for me. Also, it seems difficult to work with the interface when you’re doing things but the interface shows no titles.

I mean, even in good ol’ Gmail - I’d guess just about everyone knows that when you click the big pencil…you’re going to write a New Message. None the less we see:

Just seems like best practices?

I’m confused. I thought Anki was an open source program. Am I right?

If so, do the developers of the application ever watch this forum? It feels a bit disorienting because, if the code is open source, seems like seeing where the dialog box titles are defined would be really straightforward?

How do you see things?


Klip Turango

Yes, you can read the source and see where everything is defined. Here is how the title of the Add screen is defined: anki/ at 62fd5b2b422a6b24fd92eff9994ab87e9c27e15b · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Try running the following code in the debug console to change the title temporarily:

addCards ="AddCards")

Making this change persistent though is probably more involved, and you have to put the code in an add-on. I believe most users find the titles fine, so a change from Anki’s side is unlikely.

Did you try watching some YouTube videos about Anki? That can be easier to understand for most people.


Got it! PERFECT! Thanks so much! :smiley: