More editing options in Notetype

Hello, i used to use anki on desktop, no wi want to fully switch to anki mobile. Some fuctions are missing though on mobile that i used on desktop mainly related to Notetypes:

  1. Rename Notetypes
  2. Create Notetypes
  3. Delete Notetypes

I always have to switch to laptop for these tasks. I didnt find a way on ios to do this (maybe there is a way i just dont know about it). Pls implement those features. Ty very much

You’re allowed to ask for things, of course! But keep in mind that the iOS and Android apps are intended to make studying and certain actions convenient on-the-go. They were never meant to be a complete substitute for AnkiDesktop, so there is likely some functionality that will never be added.

AnkiMobile is not a standalone app - it is intended to be used in conjunction with the online synchronization service and open source computer version …

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Yes i understand and its just 3 tiny features that would make it possible to modify notetypes just like in pc. Thanks for you answer.

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These are things I’d like to support in the future, but it may take a while I’m afraid, as there are some other tasks higher up on the priority list at the moment.


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