Change default Note Type

Is there any way I can set a default for my note type?
I would like the default to be Cloze+

Anyone knows?


Anki remembers your last note type used, changing this to Cloze+ will make as default for new cards

If you want to change your current cards to Cloze+ then just select them in browser, right click and change note type

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so there is no possibility to set it and not have it changed by your last used set?
I am asking because I almost exclusively use cloze+ & image occlusion (add-on) and there is a shortcut for the latter so I would not need the image occlusion as default (see attachment).
Hope that makes sense!

If you make another deck just for image occlusion, then this may help, but idk any other way
Preferences → editing

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okay thank you!

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