Adding Italian to French learner, native English

I’ve been using Anki for 7 years and it’s great. I started with 2 years of Italian followed by 5 years of French. I live in a French speaking country and we’re moving back to Italy. My Italian is advanced beginner, my French is intermediate. I have a strong vocabulary and I have normal conversations with neighbors, but I can’t follow full-speed conversations or TV without subtitles.

What’s the best way to move forward with Italian?

Do I simply start building Italian decks in English, or is there a way of combining learning French and Italian at the same time?


In my exprience, it’s always better to study your target language in your own language; in order to assimilate vocabulary, grammar, etc, in a natural way, you want to concentrate all your attention in your target language, doing double translations will put extra and unnecesary strain on your brain. So yes, I would simply start an English > Italian deck

Having said that, I like to mix different languages in my Anki sessions:

Language deck

  • Spanish > English
  • Spanish > German
  • Spanish > French

And of course, since you’re lucky enough to move to Italy, just try to avoid using english as much as you can. That will do wonders! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the input. That makes sense. I’ve taken a look at my old Italian database, and I’m leaning toward starting from scratch with English>Italian. I’m going to pattern it after my French decks, which I feel pretty good about.

I’ve also imported the 15,000 sentences from Ankiweb – which is great in both French and Italian.

Learn another language only from your native language or from another, in which you have at least a C2 level — i.e. virtually fluent. There are too many fine distinctions of meaning that you must learn and these are best understood expressed in your native language.

While there is a huge similarity between French and Italian, there are also differences in lexical meaning (e.g. faux amis) as well as in syntax.

Speaking from experience here. :slight_smile:

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