Create deck of full Duolingo tree vocabulary

I am new to Anki and can’t figure out for to expire/import my word list from Duolingo to Anki. I download Expeditions and visited the GitHub page, but have not been successful.

QUESTION: Does anyone either have a clear step-by-step explanation or video showing how to do this (Mac if it matters)?

Or alternatively, can someone share a deck with the full Duolingo French tree :slight_smile: ?

Many thanks!

I don’t think Duolingo has an export feature. They are pretty much a closed ecosystem.
It seems like someone has already done the work of creating a deck, though: Duolingo French for English speakers - AnkiWeb

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Thanks very much for that Rumo!

I think I might use that deck you recommended, however, I am a bit torn because my Duolingo word list is over 4600 words, compared to the existing Anki deck with only 2000.

(GitHub - JASchilz/AnkiSyncDuolingo: Pull your Duolingo vocabulary into Anki, as an Anki plugin)

Above is the process I tried to follow, but alas, I stumbled along the way somewhere and could not import them.

Shout out to anyone with the complete 2021 Duolingo work list! Holler :smile: