Add-on for auto-update regardless of account

So basically, we are a few people doing the same course and ofc it is very stupid for all of us to do the same flash cards from the same lectures.
So it is better if one student in the group does it, and shares it with the others.
However, the person doing the deck wont be finished with the deck until near the exam date.
Meaning that once the deck is completed, and shared, the rest of us wont have the time to learn it all.

Is there by any chance a plugin that enables auto-update from the same deck?
For ex:
Person X is the creator of the deck, he/she adds all the flashcards and shares the deck with person Y,Z and W.
When Person X sync the deck, the deck should automatically sync for person Y,Z and W.
Only for new cards, not for scheduling or such since everyone might be doing it at different paces but still so that no one misses out on anything.

Perhaps there is already such a plugin, since it is both stupid and time consuming for a lot of people doing flash cards from the same presentations.

Thanks for any helpful input!


Currently, there’s no such add-on that auto-syncs shared decks.


CrowdAnki is the best manual solution, but it involves setting up GitHub accounts and a lot of work/expertise on the maintainer’s end.


AnkiHub is an ambitious project by @ankipalace that aims to facilitate the creation and maintenance of shared decks. If everything goes well, it might be published this year:

TL;DR: There’s currently no easy way to achieve what you want, but in the future, there probably will be.

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