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Autosync Anki Deck with my classmates

I created an anki deck for class and I shared it with my classmates. However, I am constantly updating this anki deck. Is there a way I can share my anki deck once with automatic sync rather than continuously sending updated versions of the deck?

How many students? If only a handful, then it is feasible to have a profile for each and you just update the deck and synchronise. I do that for three colleagues. They, of course, must have logged on to their profile on your computer and agree to your doing this.

Otherwise — if you maintain the stability and uniqueness of your first column and Note ID — you can send them a regular email to update (or tell them to update each week/month as a habit).

But your forcing the update on them, precludes them changing or clarifying the deck for themselves.

Anki assumes that each user (owner of a profile) is the master of his/her own decks.

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