The closest you can get to automized-uptdating shared-decks?

I’m planing on using Anki with 2 other friends to help us with learning for university. The optimal solution i would like to use would be a shared deck that automatically updates whenever one of us changes or adds cards, but as far as i read that isn’t possible at the moment.
Thus I tought that a solution based on a cloud service might solve this porblem. We are currently using OneDrive with a shared folder with anki deck packages. OneDrive automatically updates the package whenever one of us changes the deck and uploades it. But everyone has to always upload their changes and import the same package over and over again every time someone changed something.
I would like to know if there is a possibility to make anki have a permenant link to for example a folder, meaning that i wouldn’t have to tell anki that i would like to import the same package after it was changed but instead have anki check if the package remained the same in a certain interval.
If anyone has a better solution in general or a tipp for my solution i am happy to here about it :grinning:

Check out CrowdAnki

You can use Ki to synchronize decks through Git. It’s still a young project, but the developer has been very responsive whenever I’ve encountered problems.

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