"Add" note button shows "Show Duplicates" message right away

After upgrading to Anki 2.1.54 on Windows 11, the Cloze note’s behavior is different and puzzling.

Here’s what used to happen:

  1. I entered text and cloze deletions.
  2. Pressed “Add” or Ctrl-Enter.
  3. Anki saved the note, made cards, and opened a new, blank note.

Here’s what happens now:

  1. I enter text and cloze deletions.
  2. Press “Add” or Ctrl-Enter.
  3. Anki saves the note, makes cards, and shows the “Show Duplicates” link at the top. Instead of making a new, blank note, the note I just entered is still shown.
  4. When I click “Show Duplicates,” the Browse window opens. There I see that only one note was made.
  5. If I click “Add” a second time, the Browse window shows two identical notes.

The result is that the only way I can see to create more than one Cloze note is to create the first one, click “Add,” click “Close,” and in the main Anki window, click “Add” to open the Add window anew.

Is this really the new procedure, or am I missing something? I preferred the old way because it required fewer clicks.

Your fields are probably pinned. You can see a pin icon on the right of each field. Clicking on it toggles the pinned state. When a field is pinned, it doesn’t get reset when you click on Add. The fact that a field being pinned doesn’t give much user feedback is known, and a brainstorm is currently going on to think of better UI solutions about that.