Add feature to custom study to just study the whole deck, cards in order added

The title says it all. Custom study should at least in my opinion be that by default, but it isn’t even an option? What I do now to achieve the same effect is to go under custom study → limit to particular cards → select all cards → select → study options → limit to 99999 (this is the highest number possible, you could also just make the limit 0 which would mean all the cards and not actually 0???) → and uncheck reschedule. then i get the custom study i want. It is just way to complicated for the most basic “custom study” which would be to study the WHOLE SELECTED DECK WITH CARDS IN ORDER ADDED. when you have to study something quick (learn it by heart) you want to go through the whole deck as fast as possible. this would really help!!! Any response will be well appreciated!