(Account Expiry) Deleted all my information!

After a while I logged into my account through windows but none of my cards are there this is so scary for me can you help me?
من بعد از مدت از طریق ویندوز وارد حسابم شدم ولی هیچ کدام از کارت های من نیست این خیلی برای من وحشتناک است می‌توانی من را کمک کنی؟

If you are talking about your own AnkiDesktop installation – Anki doesn’t control any of your data there.

If you are talking about the AnkiWeb site – How long has it been since you used that account? If it’s been inactive for too long, it’s likely been deleted. AnkiWeb account removal - Frequently Asked Questions

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I am talking about ankiweb site.

I don’t know exactly how long I haven’t had access to my data, but it’s almost unlikely that it’s been 6 months.

But unfortunately, none of my cards are shown.

Is there really no way? My whole life was inside Anki Droid.

If you’ve got your collection in AnkiDroid, then you’ll be able to restore everything from there.

how do it?

Do what? Upload your collection from AnkiDroid to AnkiWeb?

You can set AnkiDroid to force a full sync on the next sync (AnkiDroid 2.16 User Manual), and then choose “Upload to AnkiWeb.” That will overwrite anything that remains on AnkiWeb with your collection from AnkiDroid.

I’ll address the preventing-this-from-happening-again-in-the-future aspect of this question. If your Anki collection truly is “[your] whole life” it is worth having a backup strategy in place.

While Anki web is great for syncing, it isn’t great for backup, in fact it may even be actively harmful:

  • File corruption (due to eg. hard drive failure) on one device can be synchronized to other devices, replacing good copies of data.
  • User error can result in accidentally overwriting data, via eg. force sync.
  • It isn’t permanent and can be deleted due to inactivity (as already mentioned).

You can export your collection in the File->Export menu (for Desktop; make sure you’re exporting a .colpkg file) or the “three dot” menu in the top right->Export (for Ankidroid). For a backup you’ll want to include scheduling (your review history) and media (any audio or images on your cards).

You’ll want create these exports regularly (I would suggest at least monthly) and keep them safe. Usually 3-2-1 is recommended for backups: The backup should have at least 3 copies total, 2 local copies (on different media / devices) and one off-site (eg. cloud). Backup Strategies: Why the 3-2-1 Backup Strategy is the Best

Provided you do this you’ll always to be able to import your collection from your most recent backup, limiting data loss to review history since your last backup.


Yes, it was my whole life, but I trusted too much in the software’s way of saving information, and now, unfortunately, I see that there is no information in Anki Web, and apparently there is no way to return it. I really have a question for the Anki Web development team, Can’t you really return my account information?

بله تمام زندگی من بود اما بیش از حد به محل نگهداری اطلاعات نرم افزار اعتماد داشتم و الان متاسفانه می‌بینم که هیچ اطلاعاتی در آنکی وب نیست و ظاهرا هیچ راهی هم برای بازگشتش نیست.

واقعا از تیم سازنده آنکی وب سوال دارم، واقعا نمیتونین اطلاعات اکانت بنده رو بهم برگردونین؟

Again, if you have it in AnkiDroid, as you said, you haven’t lost it. If you also used AnkiDesktop, you’d have your own local copy of your collection there too.

If you’ve used AnkiWeb within the last 6 months, as you said, you are proabaly just signing into the wrong account. You can use your AnkiDroid (or AnkiDesktop) install to figure out what the correct account is.

I received this email on September 9, 2023. Unfortunately, I did not notice it and all the files on my mobile and laptop have been deleted:

Account Expiry

You’re receiving this message because you previously signed up for an account on AnkiWeb, and your account has not been used recently.

I assume that was the 30-day warning? Then it does appear that your AnkiWeb account is gone.

But the expiration/deletion of that account wouldn’t delete any of the local files on your phone or laptop.

As is mentioned on the link that @Danika_Dakika provided above, if you allow your account to expire, it does not affect any data stored on your devices. If you had the data on your computer and did not delete it / change to a different computer, and you don’t see it now, you may be able to locate it in an automatic backup: Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss) - Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t have any data stored on your devices, I’m afraid there is no way to recover it.

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