Ability to bury related learning cards

Hello Damien,

I was wondering if it were reasonable to ask for a future feature to be the ability to bury related learning cards? I searched this topic a while back and I believe that you had considered it before. It would be very helpful, especially for those of us using non-default scheduling options, particularly those which contain longer/more steps before graduating the card, to have the option to bury related learning cards. This is because, for example, when a note with multiple clozes is about to be graduated, the user may see one card of the note and thus already know the answer to the other card because it was not buried until the next day, which can result in headaches and/or ease hell later because it may turn out you didn’t know the card, but had graduated it because it wasn’t buried and you already knew the answer from seeing the other card that was also being graduated.

Hopefully this makes sense, and thank you for considering!

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It’s on the todo list to look into - the scheduler code is slated for an update soon.