Bury related cards not working

Hi All! my bury related cards isn’t working. I have this option checked on both new and review cards. I have various options for different decks and they are all checked as well. seeing 2 cloze on the same card as I’m doing new cards. any ideas?

Are you using subdecks?, if yes then did you apply theses settings on the subdecks as well? you don’t need to do one by one, just click on the master/parent deck configuration and next to the “options group” click “manage” and then “set for all subdecks”

Learning cards are not buried in the v2 scheduler. With the v3 scheduler, cards with learning steps over a day will be.


Hi All! So I got frustrated and started a new profile and noticed I wasn’t having the issue anymore. Then I went to the preferences and clicked V3 scheduler (I thought it was already checked) and the issue came back. so it seems like its V3 scheduler related. All the settngs are applied to the subdecks with set to all subdecks.

Please let me know the exact steps I should take with your collection to reproduce the issue, and describe exactly how what you’re seeing differs from what you expect.