A Writing Pad for Handwriting or Drawing the Answer to Solve Math & Chemistry Problems by Hand, preferably as a Built-In Feature

I’m sure there’s probably an add-on for this, but I feel that this is a very fundamental feature for flashcard apps, so it should be a built-in feature.

I learn a lot better when I can write out my answer, solve problems by hand, and then compare my answer to the correct answer.

If I’m using a mobile device, then I can write using a stylus or the Apple Pencil. If I’m using Anki on my desktop computer, I can still handwrite my answer using a drawing tablet. Therefore, this would be a very useful feature to me whether I’m using Anki on my laptop or tablet.

I hope you will consider adding this as a core feature.

Thank you

The mobile clients already provide this - it’s called a scratchpad in AnkiMobile, and a whiteboard in AnkiDroid.

I’m glad to hear that this feature is available to mobile users. So far, I have been using the desktop version of Anki but I’m also planning to use the mobile version. I wish the scratchpad feature would also become available to desktop Anki users, simply as an option for those who prefer to use it. I personally use a drawing tablet whenever I want to write or draw anything on my computer. I would like to use my drawing tablet to write the answers on the flashcards. Also, more and more computers come with touchscreens these days, so it wouldn’t be hard to make use of a feature like this on a laptop or desktop computer.