"A" key misinterpreted as F8


Whenever I press the key “a” in any place that has card content (ex. card fields, tags, card browser), Anki opens Colors dialog box in MacOS. It seems the F8 key is being registered whenever I press “a”.

However, this does not happen when I type in any other application in MacOS. This is only limited to card contents, because even in the Card Browser Search window, “a” does not get misinterpreted.
The other observation is that it only happens on my Bluetooth keyboard.

This issue is not found in other applications on MacOS Monterey or when using Laptop Keyboard.

Also, the problem persists even if I restart Anki with all Addons disabled.

Creating a new card or editing the card has now become a chore because the focus keeps shifting from the editor to the Colors Dialog box.
Please help me in troubleshooting this.

Thanks You in advance for your efforts and consideration,

That’s a strange one. I presume it’s not an Apple keyboard? Maybe you could use the customize shortcuts add-on to remove the standard f8 shortcut, to work around the problem?

Hi Damien,

Thank you for the quick response.

I am using Logitech MX Keys.

The issue has stopped for now, but I wont be surprised if it comes back again after some time. I will try the customize shortcuts add-on to see if it helps.

Thanks Again,