Bug report: underlined/access keys broken

image illustrates the problem.
After pressing (and releasing) alt, the underlined keys f and t don’t open what they’re supposed to.
Instead of opening the file menu after f or the tools menu after pressing t, they open “Options for [deck name]” and Statistics respectively.

Desired behaviour:
All navigable areas from the alt-state should be marked (and navigable) with underlined letters. Each used letter should only occur once.
These underlined letters are called “access keys” by the way.
Access Keys | Microsoft Docs.

Ah it seems that this is a conflict between the Anki one-letter shortcuts and Access keys.
Maybe just remove access keys in that case?
Or make the access key for “file” to the second letter “i”.
And the access key for “tools” to an “l”.
[I think that would resolve the conflict, but not sure, as I just started learning the Anki shortcuts]

Perhaps you can work around this by holding down Alt as you press the key.

Sure, but it’s ugly. Underlined letters should not lie.
And it also depends on you knowing which letters are underlined in the first place, which is why you usually don’t do that, when learning a new program.