8BitDo controller not working, hoping to get some advice

Hello everybody,

I recently purchased an 8 BitDo Zero 2 controller. I have watched multiple videos on how to connect it to anki and how to use it. I have tried another new controller that is the same model with the same settings, all the keys are working fine but then when on anki, some of the keys such as the spacebar is not working (the key on the controller that I have remapped to be the spacebar).

I have the newest version of anki and I have tried multiple different times. I would really appreciate some advice.

Thank you

I think there are multiple add-ons that provide controller support - have you tried them all?

I have searched for some controller add ons, but they all seem to be for a joystick type of controller and not for the 8 Bit Do zero 2.

I have not used them personally, but I was under the impression they support various controllers. I believe the zero2 can also be set into different modes, so you could try looking up the button combos to see if adjusting the modes helps. If not, I’m afraid I’m out of ideas.

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