64 bit anki doesn't run gui

A few Windows updates ago, Anki stopped running the 64 bit version.
When I execute anki.exe the process gets registered (seen in Task manager), but the GUI doesn’t run.
Running anki-console.exe results in:

[11340] PyInstaller Bootloader 3.x
[11340] LOADER: executable is C:\Program Files\Anki\anki-console.exe
[11340] LOADER: homepath is C:\Program Files\Anki
[11340] LOADER: archivename is C:\Program Files\Anki\anki-console.exe
[11340] LOADER: C:\Program Files\Anki\anki-console.exe contains a digital signature
[11340] LOADER: No need to extract files to run; setting extractionpath to homepath
[11340] LOADER: SetDllDirectory(C:\Program Files\Anki)
[11340] LOADER: Already in the child - running user's code.
[11340] LOADER: Python library: C:\Program Files\Anki\python38.dll
[11340] LOADER: Loaded functions from Python library.
[11340] LOADER: Manipulating environment (sys.path, sys.prefix)
[11340] LOADER: sys.prefix is C:\Program Files\Anki
[11340] LOADER: Pre-init sys.path is C:\Program Files\Anki\base_library.zip;C:\Program Files\Anki
[11340] LOADER: Setting runtime options
[11340] LOADER: Initializing python
[11340] LOADER: Overriding Python's sys.path
[11340] LOADER: Post-init sys.path is C:\Program Files\Anki\base_library.zip;C:\Program Files\Anki
[11340] LOADER: Setting sys.argv
[11340] LOADER: setting sys._MEIPASS
[11340] LOADER: importing modules from CArchive
[11340] LOADER: extracted struct
[11340] LOADER: callfunction returned...
[11340] LOADER: extracted pyimod01_os_path
[11340] LOADER: callfunction returned...
[11340] LOADER: extracted pyimod02_archive
[11340] LOADER: callfunction returned...
[11340] LOADER: extracted pyimod03_importers
[11340] LOADER: callfunction returned...
[11340] LOADER: Installing PYZ archive with Python modules.
[11340] LOADER: PYZ archive: PYZ-00.pyz
[11340] LOADER: Running pyiboot01_bootstrap.py
[11340] LOADER: Running pyi_rth_win32comgenpy.py
[11340] LOADER: Running pyi_rth_multiprocessing.py
[11340] LOADER: Running pyi_rth_certifi.py
[11340] LOADER: Running pyi_rth_pyqt5.py
[11340] LOADER: Running pyi_rth_pkgres.py
[11340] LOADER: Running pyi_rth_pyqt5webengine.py
[11340] LOADER: Running runanki.py

There is no further output after even 5 minutes of waiting.

Running Anki as 32 bit of version 2.1.35 works, but I want to use the latest update for all features and add-in compatability.
I haven’t seen anybody who encountered the same problem when running anki-console.

Sounds like it may be the same issue as this one?

Yeah exactly the same problem. Thank you very much!
Weird, how I didnt find it by myself.
Sorry for this then.
I’ll try the fix later.