3 locations 3 different dashboards?

Hello there,

Today I installed Anki. I downloaded the Windows app, use it through Google Chrome and payed for the iPad app. After the setup steps I made some test decks. No matter how I sync … I have 3 different dashboards. Restarted every device and document location. Nothing works. I have one account and am logged in right.

Can someone help please?
Pictures of all the dashboards are added.

Ipad app

Google Chrome Anki website
Windows Anki app


You need to sync your devices. On your iPad screenshot, the synchronize button (bottom right corner) text color is red, indicating a full sync is needed. That occurs when a more significant change is made where a partial sync is not possible. In that case, when you click that button, it will give you the chance to either upload the current state of the iPad to the web (from which all others sync), or download the current state of the web to the iPad, overwriting what is on your iPad.

Going forward, if you work on multiple devices (as I do), I recommend you develop the habit to always click the sync button both before you beginning studying and right after, so that all of your devices stay in sync, no matter which device you pick up next.

Here is the support page concerning syncing for more information:


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I’m sorry, but I really don’t get it. I’ve read the information of which you added the link, but still I have different dashboards.

Are you sure you sync uploading to Ankiweb ans then on other devices you sync by downloading from Ankiweb?

Yes, I am sure. Multiple times I’ve synced to and from AnkiWeb. I just deleted everything and started over. As for now it seems to work. Thank you though for your help.

The “default” deck is hidden on most Anki clients, but not AnkiWeb. If you renamed the default deck to “Spelling…”, it would explain why AnkiWeb is inconsistent.


That must be it! Because I did indeed rename the default deck. Thank you.