2 Anking decks: how can I rename one of them?


I have 2 Anking decks:

  • One is not the pure deck. It’s designed to fit perfectly with my classes.
  • The other is the real deal. How can I use both? I would like to re-name the school one so that the app doesn’t see it as the same deck.

I already tried using different profiles. That didn’t work. So I need to just rename the school deck completely.

Thank you!!

Oddly, that isn’t enough. When I rename the one deck, it changes the name on the other deck too. So I will have to have something more substantial to make it work. Otherwise, the 2 decks are interfering with each other.

I’m hoping there are other ideas. Like why does renaming one deck cause the other deck to also change its name?

This should not happen. What are the deck names? Did you rule you add-ons? When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

Would you be able to record a short video that shows this happening so we can better understand what’s going on?

Yes, I can record it. I have to wait for the weekend, so it won’t interfere too much with my school. I have a formative on Friday, so then Saturday it won’t be so bad to play with it.

They are both versions of Anking. One is associated with my school, so it’s the cards that previous classes found great for exams.

The other is my unadulterated deck. I need to work on 2 parallels: one for school and the other for step. There is overlap, but it’s not equal.

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