Renaming to same name with different capitalisations

Hey guys.

Just a quick one that’s probably not particularly important; and probably deserves to be in the suggestions box, but technically the rename feature already exists lol.

If you rename a deck to the same name, but place capital letters differently, it will define it as the same name.

For example, if the note was called “Study_NOTes” and you rename it to “Study_Notes”, it doesn’t allow you to do it (“deck already exists” message).
Of course, you can easily delete the whole deck and create it with the correct name, or perhaps using an intermediary name to get around this (“Study_NOTes” renamed to “Study” then rename again to “Study_Notes” , but, maybe it’s an easy fix with character recognition? (I don’t program).

Not a big deal, but thought I would mention it. This occurs on the desktop version, I haven’t tested it on the other versions.



Works for me on the latest computer version.