How to rename a deck?

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I could not find help as to how either delete or rename a deck? Anyone can help ? :blush:

Long press the deck. Then choose your desired option

Thank you for your help, but malheureusement, it didn’t work this time too. I have already tried this in the past. Are you talking about the AnkiMobile ? Merci beaucoup ( i am trying to practice my Français :grin:)

You posted this under the AnkiMobile category so I assumed we were talking about the app.
If you want do it on your computer simply click the gear wheel next to the decks name and choose rename.

There is no rename on that menu. I don’t know what you are looking at.

click the :gear: at the right side of the deck:

Did you tried to attach a video? If the file size is too large you can upload it elseware and post the link here

Please look here

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Yes. Thanks for the advice. I forgot that for a second.

OK, you are using Ankidroid. You just did it. I don’t understand your dobut. If you are refering to subdecks, you use double colon ("::") to make the hierarchy. For example: Debug::Java

PD: AnkiMobile refers to the iPhone app, not the Android app which is built by independent team of volunteers.

Read the history of this entry. I’m not the one asking the question. The question was from @ZhamalRu .I just answered it.

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Here is what I get when I click on the gear image

Sorry, Guillem, but there are no gear wheels on that screenimage

If you wish to rename or delete a deck, swipe your finger from right to left over it, and buttons will appear.

My bad, I didn’t paid attention to the name, as I saw a default green pic I assumed to be tha same person. Lesson learned.


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Lesson learned on my side too - going to change the pic.

Not that gear. The one next to the name of your deck.

If this is an iPad you probably have to do the long press so there is no gear for the function you are looking for