2.1.49 Mac Automatic Unbury still not working

Should I allow it to sync when it starts/ends?

That’s the common use case, so might be a good thing to try first. Thanks for bearing with me.

I did Flashcards only on the Mac, including closing and opening (syncing both times) at the end and beginning of the day.
There are no cards at the beginning of the day that are ‘buried.’

In the meantime, I have not once synced my iPhone.
I am guessing if I do sync my iPhone, the problem will reappear. Is there anything else you want me to try to try to narrow down the issue?
I typically do a lot of flashcards on my phone during my commute, so it has been inconvenient not to be able to do that while we are focusing on testing on the Mac. But certainly worth it if it leads to a solution.

Ok, at the start of the next day, please open the desktop, allow it to sync, and confirm is:buried shows no cards. Then run the following in the debug console, and note down the number:


Then please open AnkiMobile and sync, confirming no buried cards are waiting after doing so.

Then please return to the computer again, and run the same command in the debug console. Do the numbers match? If you repeat the process the next day, do any cards fail to be unburied?


TODAY (Thursday 16.12.2021)

Before syncing AnkiMobile: 1376
After syncing AnkiMobile: 1376

TOMORROW (Friday 17.12.2021)

When I browse, there are a large number of cards in the is:buried folder at the start of the day today.
Before syncing AnkiMobile: 1377
After syncing AnkiMobile: 1377

So the numbers do not appear different, but having synced with AnkiMobile on the previous day is evidentally what creates the problem. Instead of zero as with previous todays, today there are 191 cards in ‘is:buried’ before and after syncing before completing any reviews.

I have updated the above post. The issue has reappeared.

I’ve just noticed you’re still using 2.0.81. There was a bug fixed in 2.0.83 related to burying that may be what is causing this - could you please grab the latest version from the app store, then see if the issue still persists after 2 more days?

I’m not sure what you mean. The ability to manually update apps from the app store has been gone for years, hasn’t it?

Also, I am part of the beta program, and the TestFlight app says that 2.0.81 is the most current version for iPhone.

It is still possible. It depends on whether or not your iPhone settings are configured to auto install app updates. I still do all of mine manually, because I prefer to see the change notes and decide whether to update.

Ah, I think that is the problem. I also beta test AnkiMobile with TestFlight, and one gripe I have about TestFlight is that it never lets you know when the release version of the app has been updated. You have to manually check and install the release, as often it is newer than what TestFlight offers when there is no current beta.

Alright, I withdrew from the beta on TestFlight and the app has now updated itself. With any luck the problem will disappear.

For future reference, another option is to remain in TestFlight, but search for the app on the app store, then tap on Download. It isn’t great - it happens because the first beta of each new version requires a review by Apple, and when a fix needs to be pushed out quickly, it’s faster to send it to regular app review directly, instead of wait for the beta build to be improved first.

Okay so now that the iPhone application is updated, things are different.

On the Mac the issue seems resolved - despite syncing with both devices, there was nothing buried at the beginning of the day.

On the iPhone, there is still an issue. After completing a set on the Mac and syncing, the iPhone still shows various cards remaining to be done. (I assume these are the cards that were buried on the Mac)

This is after one day so I will confirm after a second day that these observations hold and are not just a result of the update.

I think that may be another issue we have been tracking:

I had also experienced it briefly, but then I stopped seeing it at the time. Recently I have begun another round of learning new cards, and this time on a deck that has multiple siblings per note. For the last several days, every time I finish studying a certain deck on iPad (AnkiMobile 2.0.83), the Decks screen shows more cards for the deck. If I sync and then open that deck again, roughly half of those cards remaining are available to study. I can go through about four rounds of finishing the deck and then getting more cards. All the cards that are added seem to be cards in the learning cue. I have bury new siblings until next day turned off, and bury review siblings turned on. I am not sure how learning siblings fit into that. I think I would prefer learning cards to not be buried.

Anyway, if I am not mistaken, AnkiMobile does not yet have any of the fixes of the desktop beta 2.1.50 incorporated, so I would therefore expect counts between desktop beta and iOS release to be inconsistent.

AnkiMobile is fairly up to date, and currently should be at the state the desktop code was at on Dec 2. I scanned the list of changes made since then and nothing jumps out as possibly being related to this. Are the learning cards that are reappearing ones with a 1+ day interval? If you study on a new day using the desktop beta instead, do you see the same behaviour?

Today I haven’t noticed any issues. If something comes up again I will look into it as you suggest.

I have had a chance to make a test on desktop beta on Mac, and I observed the same issue. And indeed, all of the cards that are reappearing are learning card with inter-day spacing, around 2-5 days. All of them are also cards that have siblings that were also learning cards. I previously was not seeing this because my study circumstances were different: I was not adding new cards to this deck, but I was adding cards to other decks where there are no siblings, only one card per note.

You can test for yourself if you like. It is the “Greek” deck (the parent deck). I studied today but did not sync, so you can test my study session. I made a video demonstration on the latest desktop beta of my steps to see the problem:


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Thanks Garrett, the video and copy of your collection was really helpful. What was happening here is that the interday learning siblings were being excluded at queue building time, but not actually being buried as you reviewed cards, so they came back when the queues were rebuilt. A fix for this will be in the next build.

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Garrett, dae, I was not here because of the holiday season, but after leaving the beta my experience now mirrors Garrett’s, so that fix should solve it