Zusätzliches Feld einfügen

Ich hab ein AnkiDesk importiert, und möchte nun ein zusätzliches Feld mit Namen einfügen und zwar bei allen importierten Karten.
Kann mir jemand Helfen ? Danke

Until someone who actually speaks German comes along to help – take a look at the German edition of the manual http://www.dennisproksch.de/anki. It should have answers for you about how to add a field to your note type and show it on your card template.

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Thanks a lot

When reviewing a card, press “e” to open the Edit window. Then click on the Cards… button.

Or in the Browse window, click on the the Cards… button, which is probably on the right-hand-side.

After clicking on Cards…, you will get a window with Front template and Back template. These use HTML, and let you include fields.

So in either the Front or the Back template, or both, if you have an existing field {{Front}} and want to add a field below it,
you could change:



{{New field}}

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Hello, good evening, yes I know that. Please take a look at my code. I can’t find the error. I always get the message front page is empty. Maybe you can help me. Would be nice.

Greetings Rene Frei

font-familiy: arial;
Font-size: 20px;
text-align: center;
Color: black;
background-color: white;




Replace {{FrontSide}} with the actual name of the field you want to appear on the front of the card.

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