Multiple Choice Card doesnt show answer from extra Field i added

I am currently studying for an exam for which I need not 5 but 6 fields, so I added one to Allinone 62956 - my problem - the additional answer choice is not displayed. How can I change this??
Thanks already for your help

Maybe try editing the card template
To do this: open the Add card dialogue → click on Cards… button
Then add the name of your field inside {{}} brackets (e.g. {{FieldName}}) either to the Front or Back of the template, depending on where you need it

If this does not work and/or you need further help, please post a screenshot of your fields and one of your templates


Thank you so much for your response!!
Here are the screenshots of the code, maybe you @jcznk or someone else could tell me, what i have to do exactly?
I never had to code anything so i have no clue what to do…

Try adding this line of code to the Front Template (see the image below)
<div class="hidden" id="Q_6">{{Q_6}}</div>

The code seems to work fine on my Anki.
I assumed you named your new field Q_6; if you did not, please rename it to Q_6 and see if this code works for you too


thank you so much!!! it worked :blush:

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