Bug - Card's answer doesn't show

Any new card i create, when studying it, the front shows, but when i press to see the answer it shows nothing. Some old cards seem to work just fine but others dont (the more recent ones dont work). Previously i was on an older version (not sure which one it was), so i thought that was causing the problem. After updating it to 2.1.66 Qt6, the problem persists. (Also removed all add ons and restarted anki multiple times after that)

You can fix this by editing a problem card, clicking Cards, then clicking Add Field and adding the missing field to your back template.

Sorry, I didnt get it. Do i need to add another field? Because the back field is there already, but whatever is put in the back doesnt show when viewing the cards. (I tried adding a new field to the cards anyways, the new field also doesnt show in the cards back, even when previewing the card)

You have a field that is visible in the editor but not during review, yes? The Add Field button in the Cards screen will put the field on the front or back of your template, so it becomes visible during review. Some more info is available here: Getting Started - Anki Manual

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