"Your database appears to be in an inconsistent state" when importing a card

This is an error that I was getting in 23.10, and now I got it again in 23.12.1. Here’s a link to a .zip file that has my entire collection, as well as the card that causes the error: Collection and a bad card.zip - Google Drive
The card comes from this website: https://www.immersionkit.com. What’s strange is that only a small number of cards from that site are “bad”, most cards are imported without any errors.

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Did you try Check Database in the Tools menu?

It’s part of the Troubleshooting - Anki Manual checklist.

Please share it again, excluding media from your colpkg export, so it’s easier for others to reproduce. I’ve logged this issue on Possibly spurious inconsistency error in import · Issue #2939 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

My bad, I should’ve mentioned that it didn’t work.

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Thanks for that; @Rumo’s sent through a fix.

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