"Database appears to be in an inconsistent state"- Error - HELP


I just freed 1000+ (ctrl+j) cards at once,and then this message appeared in my Anking deck: “Your database appears to be in an inconsistent state. Please use the check database action.”. This message only appears on the Anking deck,at the musculoskeletal subdeck (which was the last one I was doing).

Can someone help me?


Did you run a Check Database?

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Yes,i did,danika! But nothing changed :confused:

There are a few ways to approach this.

  1. What version are you using?

    • There have been some recent fixes around “inconsistent state” errors. They aren’t exact matches to your situation, but they might help.
  2. Do you use Anki on any other devices? Were your devices all in sync immediately before you got this error (or is the error recent enough that you can still Edit > Undo to get those cards back to how they were and get your devices in sync)?

    • Run a Check Database on your other device – then force a one-way sync from that device to AnkiWeb. Then you can sync here, which will force you to download from AnkiWeb. After that, run a Check Database here, and you can try what you were doing again.

I just checked the database from my iphone and then i “downloaded from ankiweb” on the Anki Desktop…Problem solved.Thank you again,Danika!

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