Wrong "New #" position for new cards

When I add a new card after syncing with AnkiDroid, new cards are assigned to the wrong position.

So here are the steps of the bug as I can reproduce it:

1- Check the database on AnkiDesktop to make sure everything is good.
2- Add a new card on AnkiDesktop. Card is correctly assigned New # (last one +1)
3- Sync from AnkiDesktop.
4- Sync from AnkiDroid.
5- Sync again from AnkiDesktop.
6- Add new card on AnkiDesktop. The card is assigned a wrong New #. It’s given a number that already exists, so now I have several cards with the same New #.

I think AnkiDroid has its own position numbering which is not overridden when I sync from AnkiDesktop to AnkiDroid. But AnkiDesktop overrides its position numbering when I sync from AnkiDroid. That’s why in my case the position always starts at “New #13568”.

The only workaround right now is to “Check Database” every time I want to add new cards on AnkiDesktop,

Additional info:
V3 Scheduler
Version 2.1.63 (f356f177)
Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.4.3 PyQt 6.4.0

V2 scheduler (V3 is still experimental)
Version 2.16.5

I suspect AnkiDroid has a bug that causes config values (including the record of latest due number) to sync in the wrong direction. You could try enabling the new backend, or wait until a 2.17 beta makes it out. Tools>Check Database should fix the counter, at least until another problematic sync happens.

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