Wrong info when hovering over future due graph?

Can confirm this 2.1.56 regression is not fixed (sorry, can’t post links and I’m not sure how to quote other discussions, so I’m copy/pasting):
Found a bug in 2.1.56 (on macOS qt6 fwiw).
In the forecast graph, it should show the currently confirmed cards in the graph and also show the total possible amount including ones being (re)studied when hovering, but in 2.1.56 it shows the latter and when hovering the amounts are the same. (Adding screenshots of .55 vs .56)

I’m not sure I understand you. How do I reproduce this? I tried opening your collection in .55 and the latest beta, and get the same results in both cases: the two numbers are the same.

Sorry, my bad for being unclear. While you are in the process of reviewing and pressing “Again” on some cards, on .55 and lower the green bar for tomorrow only represents cards that are actually scheduled for tomorrow, but it also shows the “Again”/being restudied/“orange” cards in grey on top of the green bar, and you get “scheduled cards” and “scheduled + orange” cards as separate numbers when you hover on tomorrow. From .56, it seems the green bar for tomorrow is actually representing “scheduled cards + orange cards”, there’s no grey bar on top, and the numbers when hovering are always the same.

There is no special logic in the future due graph for learning cards, and there doesn’t appear to be in the past either. The grey you see above the graph is just the highlight you get when hovering, and you should see it as you move the mouse left or right. Were those screenshots taken at the same time? If so, how do I reproduce this? Currently when I look at your collection I get the same results in .55.

It seems I misremembered what the problem actually was and made a mess explaining it, sorry for wasting your time. I just reproduced it again and switched to English in the interface as well.
I had 185 reviews today (0 orange, 185 green).
At this point, the graph looked like this for today and tomorrow:

So far it’s the same with 55 and 56/57.
I then went through all the reviews, and got 43 cards wrong (so 0 green cards and 43 orange).
At this point, the graph looks different between <=55 and 56/57.
This is <=55:

This is 56/57 (Today disappears entirely from the graph, hence the single screenshot):

I could reproduce this going back and forth from 55 and 57 beta.

If it can be of help, I created a backup exactly when I finished my reviews, so I could send that over if you need.

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Thanks, I was able to reproduce the issue with your collection. Please let me know if the next beta doesn’t address it.

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