Future Due bar chart broken (w/ custom study deck & learning state cards)

The Future Due graph of a deck (lots of overdue cards in my case) becomes funny if:

  1. A custom study deck is created.
  2. Any card of that custom deck enters the learning state.


Correct (CD without card in learning state/no CD):

FSRS is active, git fd685f29

edit: The graph for the CD is funny as well:


The leftmost is labeled “2,701-2,740 days ago”. I’m not that far behind…

If you search for:
in the Browse window,
does it show the four cards, and does the Card Info historical log for them show anything interesting?

Okay, I can reproduce this in 23.12.1 (Windows), which is not a beta version. I’m not sure why you posted this in the Beta Testing category.

Wait… never mind. I was looking at the stats for the filtered deck itself, not the main deck that the filtered deck draws from.

None of the cards is more than 50 days overdue. It’s a reproducible bug.

ninja: Okay, just that minute you posted that other reply. Anyway, as to why in the testing forum: I run the git version.

This appears to be the same issue as original_due is reset when card answered in filtered deck · Issue #2938 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

If you forget a card (/set to relearning) right in critical minutes before rollover (/a new Anki day), the bug occurs even without filtered deck.

(Dunno if it’s of any relevance.)

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