Discrepancy between new and old stats (2.1.28)

I have checked my cards due for tomorrow in new and old stats and there are some discrepancies. Please have a look at screenshots below:

edit: I checked the due tomorrow count in my collection and shows the exactly same number. Are you sure you are looking at the same deck?

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Yes, I’m sure. I have checked what is shown for tomorrow and numbers don’t match.

OK, then I guess you have day learn cards i.e. card in learning with steps longer than 1440 minutes and yet to be graduated. This is going to be solved in the upcoming 2.1.29.

Fix 1+ day learning cards not being included in future due graph.


I have checked the number in 2.1.29 beta 3 and still get some discrepancies.
I have some cards in the filtered deck but it doesn’t change the fact that new and old stats show different numbers.

Today section also shows different results:
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Now I know that this is the reason. Why these two stats behave differently?

I tested with your AnkiWeb collection, and the old graphs appear to match what you’re seeing with the new ones:

Perhaps you performed some action between viewing the two graphs?

As I wrote above.
It looks like new stats aren’t affected by filtered decks.
Old stats don’t include cards that are borrowed to the filtered deck.


  1. No filtered decks. Both stats show the same numbers.
  2. Rebuild filter deck which use cards with due tomorrow or which were done today. Old and new stats are different.
  3. Clear filtered deck. Both stats are equal.

When you search for a deck in the browse screen, it includes cards that are currently borrowed by a filtered deck. The stats are now consistent with that behaviour, as they use the same underlying search infrastructure.