Word and complete sentence translation download plugin

Hello everyone

I downloaded a bank of words and sentences in the English language.
I want to add equivalent fields in my language to my cards.

For this purpose, I want a plugin that does this on many cards automatically.

I’d love help.
Thank you!

There may be add-ons that will translate all of your sentences for you – but is that really good for learning? [There are also plenty of ways to populate a text/CSV file with robot translations, but same issue.]

Translators are valuable to language learners but only up to a point. They vary in quality language-to-language, and there’s a lot about grammar that they don’t understand. If you’ve got this goldmine of sentences, a great use of your time would be to translate them yourself, making notes in Anki as you go.


How can I translate them myself?
I don’t know the English language. In order to learn it, I use Google Translate anyway.

Google Translate isn’t dependable educational material. My point is that if you don’t already have enough knowledge to know whether what GT says is right, then it can and will lead you astray.

If you don’t know English well enough to translate these sentences yourself, then I’m not sure what good it will do to have them on cards in Anki. The goal isn’t to memorize the text of the sentences, right? It’s to learn the vocabulary and rules that go into constructing the sentences. Working through them one-by-one with a dictionary and a grammar resource is one way to do that. And then you can use them for notes/cards in Anki to practice applying that knowledge.

I don’t worry about that.
Because I also have examples of how these sentences are used in the field. So I can understand more depth as well.

I would be happy if anyone recommends such a supplement.

https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/972129549 (The API key)

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