Sentence generator for specific words

Hi, do we have any add-ons that create sentences from specific words I enter?

Been looking for this myself for a long time. Haven’t had any luck thus far.

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Can you give us an example?

This is not an easy problem. The grammar based systems are very complex, totally outside the Anki system.

The closest I could think of is a card type that presents a larger group of words with a sentence to be put together, and by selecting the right words, in the right sentence, you solve it. AFAIK no such cards are available in Anki, but there are so many known and unknown plugins so I could be wrong.

PS: I use Cloze cards with sentence parts selected out so this way I could figure out foreign language constructs.

I would like to be able to make 100 new cards on anki from a list of verbs I import. With a click of a button, the verbs would be incorporated into a sentence from the Tatoeba database. If I wasn’t happy with the sentence, I could choose another Sentence without having to copy and paste. Maybe if Tatoeba could be viewed from Anki or that ten sentences were downloaded from tatoeba for each word from my list.

I have already created the addon.

Select a word in edit field and click add button to add sentences to that fields matching the words. Also create/add sentences for any languages. The sentences database created using tatoeba language tsv files. Download language tsv file from tatoeba.




Awesome, thank you very much. I tried uploading the tsv file but received an error. I suppose you would prefer me to paste the error in github?

I posted the error message on this forum and Github. Im not sure which site you prefer.

I think you have already created the database, table examples already exists So, just select the language and start using it.

I have checked the error.
It happens when you recreate the db for same language.
For e.g. if you have created database for Japanese language from jpn_sentences.tsv and again try to create same db for that file then the error shows as it already exists.

To remove error do either of following

  1. Rename the tsv file and try again
    For e.g. rename jpn_sentences.tsv with jpn_sentences123.tsv


  1. Delete the generated language db from addons folder
    View lang_db in Sentence addon addons folder in Anki2 directory

In next update I will implement to handle these errors.


Thanks, everything works. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank You!!!