Without internet, Anki constantly nags with error dialog

When no internet connection is present, Anki (Mac Version 24.04 (429bc9e1) constantly raises an error dialog:

If not cleared every few minutes, new instances of this dialog appear on top of existing ones requiring repeated acknowledgments to clear them all.

In fact, this dialog should not appear at all. If no internet connection is present, then correct behavior is that Anki simply doesn’t sync.

Is there any quick fix, or should this go to Github Issues as a bug?

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Can you disable auto-syncing or that just stays like it?

Have you tried disabling all add-ons [#2 on Troubleshooting - Anki Manual] to determine whether the error is coming from Anki itself? Anki runs media sync in the background, but otherwise it shouldn’t be trying to intermittently sync. And I’ve never had issues using it offline.

Unless Mac and Windows get different errors, the error message when Anki tries to sync and cannot is slightly different.

The coming release fixes this.