Windows TTS broke on 2.1.38

Since 2.1.38 changes were done to Windows TTS
(All built-in Windows TTS voices should now be supported on recent Windows 10 releases (thanks to Ryan).)
Now voices won’t load, only loading cursor will appear, also extremly laggish interface.

Details to be known :

  • Tested on fresh Windows Install
  • Other apps like balabolka working properly
  • Tested on Windows 10 pro 20H2 19042.746 (Feature set 120.2212.551)

For a quick list of what I’ve done already:
Updated my drivers
Tested on different computer
Fresh deck and configs
Tested on anki 2.1.35 2.1.30 all them working properly

Thanks for the report, it doesn’t seem to be working here either - I will look into what’s gone wrong.

So, it turns out I’d just typed the {{tts...}} line in wrong - when typed correct, the sound did play for me. Would you mind pasting the TTS line you’re using?

Hey! Thanks for the reply. After further testing i noticed there was no audio at all. Tried No Sound Fix (libmpv) - AnkiWeb as suggested in Anki 2.1.35/32 doesn't play audio - #9 by Neurofunk and TTS is working as well as the sound again.

I will be trying the latest beta later today or tomorro and comment back if that fixes the issue too.