(Windows 11) I can't use Anki because of the dialog boxes

when I start the Anki app, dialog boxes pop up. I can’t get into Anki through these dialog boxes. I have Windows 11 (HP Pavilion).

The first dialog box has text:
Running MFC addon checks with online D8.

The second dialog box:
Anki could not open your collection.
If the problem persists after restarting the computer, please use the Open Backup button in the profile manager.

What i already did but it didn’t help?:

  1. I closed the ANKI application and opened it again (using the Task Manager, because otherwise the application would not close).

  2. I have already restarted the computer.

  3. I uninstalled Anki and reinstalled Anki.
    (First the same version, then I tried different versions)

I have the flashcards I need in the app, I’m using the website version now. But it really has a minimum of functions.

Thank you very much if anyone reads this and can think of something that could help me to run the application.

Were you using the load balancer add-on? saw an issue from 2y ago about it, if yes then try tools → add-ons → check for updates

Do you have any add-ons active? → open anki while holding shift to deactivate them temporarily

maybe export the decks, then switch profiles → add profile, import decks or sync (random guess tho)

Please try the steps on When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you, very much. I tried holding shift before (but I think I did not hold it during opening Anki), so I tried it, open Anki while holding shift and it worked. Thank you!

Thank you!

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