Will initial manual scheduling interfere with FSRS?

Sometimes I set a manual due date when I want to review a group of cards spread out over a certain date range, e.g. 20 cards in 5 days. This causes the first review to be manual, like this:

Will this interfere with the evaluation/optimization of parameters in FSRS if I do this too often? I don’t manually reschedule other than for when to introduce new cards, is this a good idea or should I be using Custom Study instead, and if so, how?

Additional finding:

It looks like initial difficulty for all the cards I manually scheduled is 49%, instead of 72% which is given to regular New cards after the first “Good” rating.

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I’ve linked to your post on [Question] Compatibility with Add-on "Learn now & Grade now" (Documentation) · Issue #540 · open-spaced-repetition/fsrs4anki · GitHub

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