FSRS isn't schudling everything until I manually click reschedule

Hello everyone, I have been using FSRS for about three months. Previously, it scheduled it automatically, but now, when I click reschedule cards, a ton of cards are rescheduled. I assume this means it is not scheduling them properly the first time?

For example: I have two decks. Before clicking the button to reschedule, one had about 50 cards, upon rescheduling it shot up to 150. My other deck had about 20, and shot up to 500 upon rescheduling. I’m assuming this ridiculous change is because I have not been doing the cards it wants me to do for a while, since it has not been scheduling them automatically. I’m hoping to fix this backlog before the end of the week, but it is really bothering me that this happened.

Anyways, how can I fix this issue to avoid it happening in the future? I noticed this issue about a month ago, so I redid the FSRS parameters for each deck, I thought it started working properly after that, but clearly it had not. Also, I rescheduled all of the cards right after redoing the parameters, so that isn’t the issue.

Thank you all.


@L.M.Sherlock I think you should look into this.


Which version of Anki do you use? Did you update Anki during the past three months?


I updated Anki ⁨to 23.12.1 before using FSRS and I hadn’t updated it since

How much card do you have in total? How much card did you reviewed in the past three month? I guess the ridiculous change happens in those unreviewed cards in the past three months.