FSRS add-on helper reschedule

Hello, just turned on FSRS, and I just clicked the “reschedule all cards” button. Now I have 3000+ overdue cards, and 600+ cards that are “due today”. It looks like FSRS rescheduled all my old cards and made many of them overdue. What is the best way to remediate this? Prior to clicking “reschedule all cards” I exported all of my anki decks. Should I re-upload those decks to sort of reset this error?

Actually I figured out a work-around. I restored an Anki backup and forced upload to ankiweb to restore my deck to the settings prior to rescheduling with FSRS. Back to normal. Might be a helpful option for those who experience this issue. I’m guessing many people might run into this.

In your case (or anyone else stumbling across this) it might be a good idea to turn on FSRS but not reschedule all cards, that would instead reschedule them gradually as you review and you would avoid the initial huge backlog. You should also be able to just ctrl-z the reschedule.

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You can undo the operation via Ctrl + Z.

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